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We are a collective of wedding photographers who’ve gained massive experience in the wedding industry over the last 10+ years.

Are we the right people to talk wedding? Probably yes.

Photographers and videographers are only wedding suppliers that are present at a wedding through the whole day from morning till dancing on tables. We want to share with you our experience and knowledge.

This is a place where only the best wedding photographers in Ireland are featured.  Extraordinary creativity and a personality to match. We want only the best quality of photographs, we carefully chose those who we represent here.

This is a place where future couples can find an artist who is dedicated to wedding photography. To find a wedding photographer/s who not only can create beautiful photographs but those who combine it with excellent client service from the first contact.

We say no to cheesy sponsored talk about weddings. We will talk through our brand what is good what is bad and how you can avoid it with our help to create a stress-free, relaxed day.

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