We ask Darek to say a few words about his art: My name is Darek, Derek, Daragh – it has a lot of forms since I start shooting weddings in Ireland:) I’m shooting weddings professionally over 8 years now. Living in West Coast of Ireland , but working in all over Ireland. I focus on non traditional weddings as this give me opportunity to use my creativity. I look at a wedding much in the way an artist looks at a blank canvas, I search for the beauty in every moment to slowly paint your day Its not always easy but I force myself sometimes further than I think I can go, to create something extraordinary. But as you know the wedding is the family event and require also some interpersonal skills and for me, it challenges me most.

So far I have more than great feedback from wedding couples I photograph so it gives me a bust to bring my skills to another level What I love the most? ….Hmmm, emotions and happiness in my photographs.