My name is Daniel. I’m a wedding photographer by profession, father of two by lucky chance, perfectionist by temperament – and I aim to be the best wedding photographer you can get in Ireland  😉

I’m cheerful and smile a lot – love skiing, music, photography and art and  I’m one of those lucky people who work at what they love and this is why I’m so happy!

Passion…  Magic moments

In my photos, I try to capture the magic moments – funny and sad – Your memories…  I know that after your wedding memories only and photos stay with you  – nothing else. 

This is why I try to catch the happy soul of a person or an event.

My style?  hmm,  I seek to combine a  reportage, documentary approach with creative flair and You can see a lot of samples on my website:

I’m a pleasure to deal with –  so my clients say! …  and if you connect with my work I would love to chat!


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