Pawel Bebenca wedding photographer

Hi, I’m Pawel and I live in Dublin but I’m originally from Poland. My family loved music with my father being a professional musician, we learned a lot about the arts and how to express ourselves.  I loved the arts with a passion for the process, technique and technology that brought it to life in different forms.

       I started photography as a hobby, actually bought my first real camera in 2006 on a whim. It was however fun and quite intriguing to study many different photographers, techniques and processed involved in capturing moments in time and seeing how people looked in pictures.

My approach as a photographer involves “shoot from the hip, capture the moment and hope for the best.” This typically led to a lot of pictures that were able to show the raw emotion in different times and subjects. Over time, I found my passion in documentary photography and began to make photography a career.

Weddings are like a documentary, a beautiful collection of several emotions that tell a story that need to be captured in its raw, undiluted form. My job as your wedding photographer is to document all the hidden emotions and events that make up your special day in a natural, unfiltered way that will tell a story that you can relive for the rest of your lives. I try my best to capture all the important scenes and then fill up the timelines with all the hidden scenes, emotions and laughs that make up your wedding day.

Photography is my life and I invite you to browse through my site to get a better understanding of what it is that I do and how I do it. If you like what you see and want to get in touch, please do so via email. I’m available for weddings worldwide.

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